ASTC Programs

A primary objective of the American Society of Theatre Consultants is to inform owners, planners and users about the services that theatre consultants offer and about the value of those services to the achievement of effective and economically viable performance and assembly facilities, whether large or small, whether new construction or remodeling/renovation projects. In this context ASTC program planning includes:

  • Participation with, and enlistment of support from, appropriate organizations and individuals in study and research activities, and in presentations, seminars and conferences that are concerned with the planning and use of performance/ assembly facilities.
  • Establishment of permanent liaison with other organizations involved in the design, operation and/or safe-and-effective use of performance/assembly facilities and equipment.
  • Preparation and circulation, independently or by appropriate publication, of information about theatre consulting services and about all factors involved in performing/assembly design, construction and operation in the U.S.
  • Public relations activities to emphasize the importance of professional theatre consulting services to successful facilities design, and long-term facilities use.

The American Society of Theatre Consultants is also a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between members and for membership discussions; ASTC periodically schedules conferences for members and specifically invited guests. When generally relevant, specific results of conference discussions may be circulated to non-members by presentation or publication.