What is a Theatre Consultant?

A theatre consultant is a professional advisor who provides guidance, advice and support to owners and design teams on the planning, design, and equipping of theatres, concert halls, and other types of facilities used for public assembly and presentation of the performing arts.

Theatre consulting is an interactive process which engages the collaboration of the Owner, the architect and all of the design team members, as well as general and specialty contractors. The consultant informs, guides and contributes to the collaborative process by providing input for the design of the space (the form, layout, and indicated function of a theatre), theatre systems design and specification (the process of applying the available technology to achieve the program requirements, in harmony with the aesthetic goals of the project) along with the management ability to continually inform the process and guide the outcome in such a way that the appropriate solutions are integrated into the building to support the complex nature of the diverse tasks that are to take place in and around the building.