Fellows of ASTC, FASTC

Elevation to Fellowship status is one of the highest honors the ASTC can bestow upon a Member. Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of a consultant as an individual but also elevates him/her before the public. Not only is the individual’s achievement acknowledged but also that of the profession itself as well as those practitioners who have made significant contributions for a significant number of years.

Fellowship in the ASTC is granted to Members who have been nominated and then are elevated to Fellowship status by a jury of their peers according to a process detailed in the Society’s Bylaws. Members who have rendered conspicuous service or have made notable contributions to the advancement or diffusion of the knowledge of theatre consulting, or the fostering of its practical applications, and who have rendered significant service to the ASTC in multiple fashions, shall be eligible for election to Fellowship in the Society.

Other criteria considered for Fellowship includes:

  • Demonstration of expertise of the highest level in multiple types of theatre projects and types
  • History of multiple examples of service to ASTC
  • Research and/or published works advancing the design of theatre facilities, equipment or the profession of theatre consulting
  • Service to the profession through education
  • Awards for work or achievements advancing theatre

The ASTC Fellows who have been so honored and have been recognized herein, have each exhibited distinguished, exceptional and exemplary service to the ASTC through their leadership and work to advance the mission and goals of the Society and have rightly earned this distinction as the best among us.




Michael McMackin-FASTC



Robert Shook-FASTC




S. Leonard Auerbach-FASTC, Founding Member



Teddy Dean Boys – FASTC, Founding Member



William R. Conner – FASTC

Robert Davis, FASTC


Robert Davis-FASTC, Founding Member



Ron Jerit – FASTC, Founding Member




Edgar L. Lustig – FASTC, Founding Member