Prospective Members & Interns

The membership of the American Society of Theatre Consultants is professional theatre consultants who have demonstrated a broad range of capability and experience necessary to qualify for membership. As professionals, ASTC members have individual and collective interest in providing unbiased, functionally sound and practical consulting and design services to owners, users, architects and engineers of the performance and assembly facilities. These interests are reflected in the objective and programs of the ASTC.


Society Membership is open only to individuals whose professional qualifications as a theatre consultant meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Scope of Work: To be eligible, individuals must have general consulting capabilities, as exemplified by personal participation in the broad range of consulting work involved in the programming, planning and equipping of Performance facilities and/or AV studio facilities. However, generalist capability in all of the above facilities types is not required.
  2. Professional Status: To be eligible, individuals must derive their principal income from work as consultants to owners, architects and/or engineers for Performance, Assembly or Studio facilities.
  3. Professional Affiliations: Eligible individuals may be independent consultants or may be members of professional firms.
  4. Experience: To be eligible, an individual must have acted as the general consultant responsible for not less than five substantial projects completed within the past five years. She or he must also have experience equivalent to at least five years of full time professional work as a general theatre consultant.
  5. Commercial Affiliations: To be eligible, individuals must not be owners, employees or commission agents of any firm that manufactures, sells or installs equipment or that acts as a contractor for the construction of performance, assembly or studio facilities.

NOTE: “Amendment to the Bylaws – Article II – Members and Meetings of Members:

  • 16. There shall also be a class of Members known as “Associate Members”.
    Associate Members shall:
    • (a) Be an individual who applies for membership in the Society and meets all qualifications of the Bylaws except for the five (5) years requirement and does not yet meet the requirement of having completed five (5) projects as theatre consultants.”
    • Other measures also apply to the amendment. This summary is to merely imply the intent.

    When appropriate, the Society will elect, as honorary members, individuals who have made significant and major contributions to the theory and/or practice of theatre consulting work.