ASTC – USITT Venue Renovation Challenge

Posted on April 5th, by Michael McMackin in College/University Challenge, General ASTC News, Theatre Consultants, USITT. Comments Off on ASTC – USITT Venue Renovation Challenge

On March 29, 2014 awards for the first annual ASTC/USITT Venue Renovation Challenge were presented in Fort Worth, Texas at the 54th annual USITT Conference and Expo. Three teams of student USITT members participated in a challenge designed to engage students in real world theatre renovation problems under the guidance of practicing professional theatre consultants. Each team selected an existing venue and developed a scope of work for practical improvements to a building as a performance venue. Students presented their design concepts to a live audience at a USITT Panel.

The participants from the three teams included 1. Amanda Warren and Jason Monmaney from Stephen F. Austin State University with Jules Lauve, ASTC; 2. Sandy Everett, Meghan Potter, Jeff Lindquist, Brad Shaw & John Houtler-McCoy from Indiana University with Van Phillips, ASTC; and 3. Andy Baker, Evan Bunner, Shane Cinal and … Read More »