The ASTC USITT Student/Consultant Theatre Renovation Challenge 2015

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Deadline Extended!

ASTC is pleased to announce an extension to the deadline for Applications to the 2015 ASTC USITT Venue Renovation Challenge.  The extra time will permit more teams to submit.  This is a unique opportunity for theatre tech student to explore the spaces that they work in from a very different perspective under the guidance of an ASTC member Theatre Consultant. As Jules Lauve, ASTC Mentor to the team from Stephen F. Austin State University said during last year’s competition, “This has been a truly rewarding and fulfilling process. The students I am working with have been 100% committed and have grown tremendously. They’ve proven to be true winners regardless of any judging results. As is typical at this level, mentoring is a two-way street, and I am sure I learned as much or more from the mentees as they from me.”   This year’s Challenge includes a $750 award to the winning entry and four $250 travel stipends for participants.

The goal of this challenge is for students to gain experience with performance venue design and renovation as well as alternate career opportunities through an interactive process with a professional theatre consultant. Each student team must consist of at least one graduate or undergraduate student from a USITT member institution, a faculty advisor and an ASTC theatre consultant as a mentor. Working together, the teams will conceive a theoretical project based on an existing structure on or near the team’s campus. They will survey and study the current conditions and develop a plan to renovate the subject space to meet the team’s stated goals. Potential projects include:

  • Substantial improvements to an existing theatre.
  • Conversion of non-performance space into a new performance space.
  • Changing the form and/or function of an existing theatre.

Last year’s submittals can be viewed on the ASTC website and the USITT website.

Along with the application (DOWNLOAD APPLICATION), each team is to submit a concept statement (download FULL CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS), outlining the basic scope of the project. This scope shall be reviewed by the Jury in advance to ensure the applicant’s project is of sufficient substance to merit completion. Concept statements are to include:

  1. Name of academic institution.
  2. Name of team participants including positions or year and major.
  3. Name of subject space.
  4. Brief description of scope of the project.

Concept Statements shall be reviewed by ASTC and comments returned by November 14, 2014.

Applications and questions are to be sent to 

Application & Concept Statement Due: October 31, 2014
Submission Due: February 16, 2015 5:00 pm EST

For Full Instructions and Application, please download the following PDF’s:
ASTC USITT Student/Consultant Theatre Renovation Challenge 2015 – FULL INSTRUCTIONS

ASTC USITT Student/Consultant Theatre Renovation Challenge 2015 – APPLICATION

We so look forward to having you participate in this exciting challenge!

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