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Getting Anyone Into the Control Booth

Posted on September 16th, by Paul Sanow in Theatre Consultants, Theatre Design Article. Comments Off on Getting Anyone Into the Control Booth

Early in the design of nearly every theatre facility we must tackle the subject of control booth accessibility. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a school, small civic entity or commercial space, the issues are important. If not planned early, it can be difficult or expensive to integrate accessibility so technicians with mobility disabilities can access control booths to operate lighting, A/V or other similar functions.

While the challenge might be all of these things, it is clear that accessibility is required in some way. There is little specific reference in the current International Building Code (IBC) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standard for a “control booth”. Because these codes require all parts of every building to be accessible unless specifically excepted, accommodation is required. The language in ADA regarding Employee Work Areas (ADA 2010-203.9) has been used to … Read More »